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FOG-OUT! Anti Fog Clothe

FOG-OUT! Anti Fog Clothe

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Foggy lenses has been an ongoing issue for many activities outside in cold weather, drinking hot coffee or tea, eating soup, cooking on hot stove and today’s COVID-19 pandemic having to wear a mask when meeting with people.

We have a great solution for you to prevent your lenses from fogging. Anti-Fog Lens Cloth helps you keep your lenses clear of fog accumulation. Keeping your visual clarity even when wearing a mask or doing all your special and fun activities.

Anti-Fog Cloth Benefits:

✔ Prevent fog accumulation on lenses for UP TO 10 HOURS while maintaining coating benefits (tested under normal wearing conditions)
✔ Durable Anti-Fog Lens Cloth lasts up to 300 USES.
✔ IMMEDIATE EFFECT! No wait-time for the anti-fog formula to start working.
✔ EASY TO USE! Clean and dry lenses, wipe and rub Anti-Fog Cloth on lenses and now you’re ready to go

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