Blue Light: The Good, Bad, and Ugly.

Day or night, millennials and even the Gen Z are connected with digital devices, especially smartphones. It’s good to use but bad to get addicted and it’s even ugly if you get affected by its negative health effects.
When we stare at our smartphones or computer screens, the high density blue light is likely to attack the eyes.
✔️ The good blue light exposure from the sun - Sun is natural and the biggest source of blue light. UV is indeed harmful but the sun’s blue light during the day is really good for humans.
It makes the person more active, more attentive in work and also positively affects the brain.
❌ The bad blue light exposure from digital devices - The artificial source of blue light, digital devices are bad, bad and only bad, especially for your eyes. Your eyes are not meant to filter the light and hence it fails to protect the eyes.
The artificial blue light emitted from digital devices like smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. It affects the natural functioning of the brain and also causes sleep deprivation.
❌ The ugly side of blue light - Your eyes are constantly glued to the digital screens get badly affected by the dangerous blue light. Retinal damage, Computer Vision Syndrome (digital eye strain), blurred vision are common vision problems caused due to the blue light.
It also increases the chances of the age related macular degeneration which in the worst case scenario can make a person go blind.
You can always keep your eyes safe from blue light when you upgrade your lenses to blue blockers. Wanna know more?
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